Choose The Cleaning Products For Your House Which Are Not Only Effective But Safe

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People often tend to buy the cleaning products in nz which are effective but these could be dangerous and could cause serious damage if not taken care of properly. Unfortunately, many cleaning products companies only talk about the effectiveness of the product and not about the hazards of the chemicals used in the formula. Therefore, a clean house is not always equivalent to the safe house. You should be aware of the chemicals used in the cleaning products before you purchase and use them.

Types of the cleaning products and the possible chemicals used in these:

There are some common disinfectants and cleaning products used in the daily cleaning of the different spaces in the house. In this article we will discuss each type in brief details.


Disinfectants more commonly known as the sanitizers are used in the hospitals as well as houses to repeatedly disinfect hands and various spaces. There is no doubt that the alcohol used in these are best for killing the germs but in these disinfectants there could be strains which causes the diseases of certain kind therefore, these must be registered and approved that these are safe to use. There are health bodies who approve these before these could be consumed by general public. Since the sanitizers are also used in the food contact surfaces such as the hands, utensils and crockery therefore, these must be very safe to use. Make sure you buy from the approved and reputed brand.


There are various kind of the abrasives used for cleaning out the surfaces by creating friction, the physical abrasives are materials such as sand paper, scrubbings and nylon meshes and there are natural mineral abrasives such as the baking soda, borax, salt and the third type is the chemical abrasives which are mostly used in the commercial cleaning and include the bleach and other such chemicals which are much more effective in killing the bacteria and cleaning the surface. However, if you only need to clean the house then the physical and mineral abrasives are best option and you should not work with the chemical abrasives as these are only used by the professionals as the commercial cleaning product because the traffic of people and therefore, the germs are much more in a commercial shared space as compared to the house so higher amount of chemicals which are fast and effective are required. The commercial cleaning products are used by taking all the precautionary measures and following the instructions written on the product by the manufacture and this is why it is safer to use these as compared to the use in the house.